TEAM iQ, Web developer

Country: Kenya
Function: Software Development

Are you an experienced, determined and self-motivated web developer able to take primary responsibility for specified developments we require over coming months?

We develop recruitment and eLearning software delivered as a service from

This is a remote working opportunity in which you will report to your technical manager and requirements director online.

You will have real world experience of translating functional requirements into complete, stable web applications using the following tools:-
  • jQuery and/or jQuery mobile
  • ASP.Net MVC framework and perhaps
  • .Net libraries for data access, Entity Framework and LINQ
  • SQL Server

Working styles

You will have experience with scrum or kanban for agile development.

You have a proven ability to reliably translate functional specifications into discrete development tasks with accurate time estimates.

You will have practical experience of providing daily updates of tasks completed and planned, and presentation of code for senior review.


You will work from home, IT hub or wherever you choose, using your own computer and the necessary development tools, that you will already have, to deliver using the above technical requirements.


You will work to published functional specifications, reporting to our technical consultant on a daily basis regarding work done and plans for the coming sprint.


This will be a self employed position from which you will bill us on a monthly basis at rates to be agreed.

The initial contract will be for three months work, subject to an initial probation period.


Remuneration will be competitive given your experience and abilities. - Great places to work

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