Kenya Deposit Insurance Corporation, Senior Officer, Policy and Research

Country: Kenya
Education: Undergraduate Degree
Kenyan County: Nairobi County
Sector: Banking, Insurance
Type: Experienced, Graduate, Permanent, Full Time

You will be responsible for the preparation of the research problem, and formulation of the hypothesis, data collection, analysis, and reporting.

Key Responsibilities

Managerial / Supervisory Responsibilities

  • Conducting financial sector research and policy analysis, and preparing position papers and reports;
  • Designing, analyzing, and reporting research projects and providing guidance on statistical research approaches, requirements, and scientific standards

Operational Responsibilities

  • Updating the Corporation’s statistical databases and research resources;
  • Drafting of terms of reference for research projects for financial sector related studies;
  • Coordinating outsourced research projects and programs;
  • Drafting the SLAs for outsourced research projects;
  • Development and administration of relevant research tools including questionnaires and focus groups guidance notes;
  • Collecting and analyzing data to be used in the preparation of policy papers, briefs, and technical guides;
  • Coordinating and follow up on the implementation of the research recommendations;
  • Identifying the emerging issues in deposit insurance and risk management for further research;
  • Implementing policies and procedures in operations of the department;
  • Implementing Enterprise Risk Management and Business Continuity planning activities in the department; and
  • Implementing and maintaining the quality management system and operations in the department.

Job Competencies

Academic qualifications

Bachelor’s degree in any of the following disciplines: Statistics, Econometrics, Mathematics, or its equivalent qualification from a recognized institution.

Work experience

Four (4) years’ relevant work experience preferably in Banking, Financial Management Credit Administration, Conveyancing, Litigation, Asset Management & Tracing.

Functional Attributes

  • Proficiency in computing skills,
  • Communication and Presentation skills,
  • Organizational skills,
  • Project management skills,
  • Stakeholder management skills,
  • Change management skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Decision-making skills
  • Analytical skills,
  • Networking skills,
  • Time management skills - Great places to work

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