Kenya Deposit Insurance Corporation, Senior Officer, Resolution

Country: Kenya
Education: Undergraduate Degree
Function: Accounting/Finance, Banking, Legal
Kenyan County: Nairobi County
Sector: Banking, Insurance
Type: Experienced, Graduate, Permanent, Full Time

You will provide day to day operational support in managing the affairs of banks/ financial institutions in liquidation through implementing and complying with the developed policies, procedures and other operational guidelines in loans collections, realization of assets, processing payments to depositors and creditors in a timely and efficient manner; and providing information for orderly winding up of non-viable Banks / financial institutions to enhance depositors’ confidence in the financial sector.

Key Responsibilities

  • Regularly following up with the borrowers to ensure loans outstanding in the institutions in liquidation are paid as negotiated;
  • Reviewing assigned files for long outstanding contentious debts for amicable settlement;
  • Ensuring all payments by the debtors/ borrowers are properly captured and reported in the Corporation Enterprise resource planning system;
  • Initiating negotiations for loan recoveries through alternative dispute resolution mechanisms;
  • Collating and submitting debtors’ profile to Credit Reference Bureaus (CRB) in accordance with the law;
  • Issuing of relevant statutory notices to enable the Institutions in liquidation realize the assets of the defaulting debtors/ borrowers;
  • Preparing investment profiles for surplus funds held by banks/ financial institutions in liquidation for review by assistant manager resolution;
  • Preparing for cases and attendance of court sessions including sharing the required documents with the advocates engaged by the banks/ financial institutions in liquidation to pursue recovery of outstanding debts;
  • Implementing all board decisions and audit recommendations;
  • Receiving regular updates from the advocates and preparing a status reports on all active court matters for effective monitoring and risk management;
  • Compiling reports to assist in evaluation of performance by different service providers as per the executed service level agreements;
  • Upon Completion of winding up process of an institution, following up on recovery of the residual assets for the benefit of Deposit Insurance fund;
  • Generating the information required to aid in tracing and preserving of the assets of the assigned financial institutions in Liquidation;
  • Preparing proposals on negotiations held with debtors to resolve long outstanding debts for management and board of directors’ consideration and approval;
  • Reviewing and processing of depositors and creditors claims submitted for payments in line with the existing procedures and operational guidelines;
  • Reconciling of payments made to depositors and creditors for accuracy reporting and determination of pay out rates for performance evaluation;
  • Compiling and ensuring safe custody of information required to document experiences relating to resolution of failed institutions for knowledge management and adoption of best practices; and
  • Preparing of statutory returns for the assigned banks/ financial institutions in liquidation and ensuring compliance with submission deadlines.

Job Competencies

Academic qualifications

Bachelor’s degree in any of the following disciplines: Commerce, Finance, Economics, Business Administration its relevant qualification from a recognized institution

Work experience

Four (4) years’ relevant work experience preferably in Banking, Financial Management Credit Administration, Conveyancing, Litigation, Asset Management & Tracing or Insolvency.

Functional Skills

  • Communication skills
  • Analytical skills
  • Proficiency in computer application skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Report writing skills
  • Budgeting skills
  • Time management skills - Great places to work

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