Kenya Deposit Insurance Corporation, Officer, Resolution

Country: Kenya
Education: Undergraduate Degree
Function: Accounting/Finance, Financial Services, Legal
Kenyan County: Nairobi County
Sector: Banking, Insurance
Type: Graduate, Permanent, Full Time

You will carry out of daily operations of loan collections, realization of securities, updating of records and processing of payments for banks/ financial institutions in liquidation in compliance with the established operations guidelines; ensure timely and prompt payments to depositors and creditors and support successful completion of winding up process of non- viable banks/ financial institutions.

Key Responsibilities

Operational Responsibilities

  • Regular following of the assigned borrowers’/ debtors’ files to ensure loans outstanding in banks/ financial institutions in liquidation are paid as negotiated;
  • Providing historical information required on long outstanding contentious debts to facilitate negotiations for amicable settlement;
  • Capturing all payments by the debtors/ borrowers in a timely and accurate manner in the Corporation Enterprise Resource Planning System;
  • Reviewing the existing loan portfolio to identify cases that can be resolved through Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanisms and making recommendations to the management for review;
  • Compiling information relating debtors’/ borrowers for submission to Credit Reference Bureaus (CRB) in accordance with the law;
  • Preparing a maturity analysis report for the existing investment portfolio of Surplus funds held by institutions in liquidation for cash flow management planning;
  • Providing supporting documents for ongoing court cases to aid in legal recovery of litigated debts;
  • Initiating requests to procure services of valuers and auctioneers to facilitate realization of assets through public auctions for approval by immediate supervisor;
  • Issuing of instructions to valuers, auctioneers, Advocates and debt collectors to carry out Asset recovery services as per the engaged terms;
  • Following up with the engaged service providers (Valuers, auctioneers debt collectors and private investigators) to ensure the process of asset realization is conducted in a seamless manner;
  • Preparation of the documents required to assist in releasing of securities for fully paid-up loans/ debts;
  • Compiling a report of all contingent liabilities of the banks/ financial institutions in liquidation and monitoring crystallization;
  • Maintaining records of all preserved assets for the assigned institutions in liquidation for the benefit of depositors and creditors;
  • Identifying and advising the investigations department on assets to be preserved and providing the supporting documents to aid the preservation process;
  • Preparing proposals on negotiations by debtors to resolve long outstanding debts for management consideration and approval;
  • Receiving and acknowledging depositors’ claims submitted for payments and checking for completeness to ensure timely payments in compliance with customer service Charter;
  • Preparation of draft public notices for approval inviting depositors and creditors to lodge claims for payments in compliance with statutory guidelines;
  • Preparing of statutory returns for filing with the Registrar of Companies in compliance with KDI ACT 2012; and
  • Providing the secretariat services in the process of documenting resolution experiences of fully wound institutions as part of knowledge management and sharing for the corporation.

Job Competencies

Academic qualifications

Bachelor’s degree in any of the following disciplines: Commerce, Finance, Economics, Business Administration from a recognized institution

Work experience

2 years relevant working experience in preferably in Banking, Financial Management Credit Administration, Conveyancing, Litigation, Asset Management & Tracing.

Functional Attributes

  • Communication skills
  • Analytical skills
  • Proficiency in computer application skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Report writing skills
  • Budgeting skills
  • Time management skills - Great places to work

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